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The best libertine sites

We have tested many speed dating / libertine / swingers sites. In the end, we selected 3 top websites !!!

Jacquie et Michel en Suisse

Jacquie et Michel Contact / Date

Even if Jacquie et Michel is a French site, almost everyone in Switzerland knows the name and slogan of this brand specialized in the distribution of content and services for adults. Well, you should know that the dating section of this site brings together many Swiss people looking for quick, hassle-free sex plans. Registration is free and without obligation, so don't hesitate to try this service !

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Wyylde (my opinion on this site) is without a doubt the site which brings together the most announcements of swingers / libertines meetings in Switzerland. This site is originally based in France. But its success goes beyond borders. The ads are real and the people registered are clearly looking for naughty and quick relationships. You would be wrong to miss this site which, in our opinion, offers the best service of its kind on Swiss territory.

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Echangisme-rencontre is a naughty dating site that has existed for a long time in Switzerland. The service is serious and allows you to consult thousands of libertine/swinger ads. Men and women, single or in a relationship, can engage in meetings without taboos. Using the webcam allows for more daring exchanges for even more pleasure !

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Our best advice for having more chances of meeting new people :


Swiss Clubs

10 good libertine addresses to discover in Switzerland

You are looking for libertine/swingers clubs in Switzerland. We visited many clubs. And we invite you to discover 10 nice places to spend naughty and libertine moments.

1 - LE JET PASCHA, Geneva, canton of Genève

This two-story club has cabins, slings, darkrooms, maze, glory holes and SM area. Underwear / Naturist evening every second Thursday of the month. Sneaker Party once a month.

Address : 18 avenue Louis-Casaï CH-1209 Geneva Contact +41 (0) 797 73 95 01 Web site : Site unavailable

2 - AU JARDIN SECRET, Corcelles, canton of Vaud

The libertine club Au Jardin Secret is located in Corcelles (near Payerne) in the canton of Vaud. A charming place frequented by many libertines (couples or singles). Special evenings are regularly organized. Also note : the club has a sauna, a hammam, two floors, a large terrace ...

Address : Chemin des Répies 20, 1562 Corcelles-Payerne Contact +41 (0) 79 932 24 90 Web site :

3 - SAUNA DES SOURCES, Geneva, canton of Geneva

This sauna is a place of choice for Geneva libertines. The setting is modest but the atmosphere is open and very friendly! And the swingers parties organized there are generally very popular Please note : single men are not admitted ...

Address : Rue Prévost-Martin 4BIS, 1205, Geneva Contact +41 (0) 22 320 04 63

4 - LES BAINS DE L'EST, Geneva, canton of Geneva

Les Bains de l'Est is an establishment which presents itself as the largest sex club and sauna in Geneva. This place is particularly appreciated by gay couples and swingers ...

Address : Rue de l'Est 3, 1207 Geneva Contact +41 (0) 22 786 33 00 Web site :

5 - LSL - LE LESEXYLIEN.CH, Endroit discret à Sion, canton of Valais

Libertine club with careful welcome, loveroom, open bar, jacuzzi ... For libertine couples and beyond !

Address : Very close to Sion Contact 078/746.43.44 Web site :

6 - LE BOLERO, Lausanne, Canton of Vaud

This club located in Lausanne offers naughty lounges, dark rooms, glory holes and many other accessories dedicated to sexual pleasures of all kinds ...

Address : Industrial Zone La Coche, 1852 Roche Contact +41 (0) 21 960 18 51 Web site : Site unavailable

7 - LE PALAIS DES SENS, Delley-Portalban, canton of Fribourg

Libertine club with disco, cuddle corners and jacuzzi. A pleasant setting frequented by a number of libertines / swingers from French-speaking Switzerland ...

Address : Sur les Roches 17 Delley-Portalban, 1568 Contact +41 (0) 78 641 61 02 Web site : Site unavailable

8 - LE CASARS CLUB, Dübendorf, canton of Zurich

Many regulars frequent this establishment during the week. But this swingers club is best known for its special parties ...

Address : Überlandstrasse 101, 8600 Dübendorf Contact +41 (0) 44 821 26 21 Web site :

9 - LE SEXY LIEN, Uvrier, canton of Valais

Sauna area for libertines and swingers. Neat and refined space. Possibility of participating in occasional private evenings.

Address : Chapelle street 43, 1958 Uvrier Contact +41 (0) 78 746 43 44 Web site : Site unavailable

10 - LES AVANCHETS, Geneva, canton of Geneva

Sauna / Club at Geneva, les Avanchets propose :
- Several types of baths: steam bath, jacuzzi, cold water bath, sauna ...
- And a labyrinth of pleasure : 2 darkrooms, 3 cabins with Glory holes, a large cabin ...

Address : Baptista Avenue, 1220, Geneva Contact +41 (0) 21 796 90 66 Site web :

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Practical advices

How to approach libertinism gently What are the codes of libertinism How to increase your chances of getting sex on a libertine site The answer to these questions below !

How to approach libertinism gently ?

  • If you are in a relationship, approach the issue of libertinism/swinging frankly.
  • Take your time to discuss it and before deciding to try the adventure.
  • Do not adopt an attitude of jealousy but, on the contrary, have an open attitude that clearly distinguishes between having feelings as a couple and having pleasure when meeting new partners outside of your relationship.
  • Don't force yourself if you feel like you don't want to.

What are the codes of libertinism ?

The codes of libertinism are ultimately quite simple :

  • Dress elegantly. Ladies, awaken your femininity! Gentlemen, choose a shirt, decent pants and dress shoes rather than a t-shirt, jeans and benches.
  • Have impeccable hygiene.
  • Approach people with politeness, gallantry, courtesy and respect.
  • Don't insist if the feeling doesn't work. Respect the choices of women in particular.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Show charm and humor.
  • Your good humor and your kindness will therefore contribute to a good understanding.
  • Be attentive and considerate.
  • Don't abuse alcohol.

How to increase your chances of getting sex on a libertine site ?

Just follow a few basic rules :

  • Create an ad that makes you want to contact you ! This step does not require much effort but is essential if you want to have a minimum of contact. Basically, it is in your best interest to create an ad with : a) At least one cool photo (and ideally several other cool photos) b) An interesting description without spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Don't hesitate to take the first step.
  • Establish your approach over time.
  • Ensure during the first serious exchanges.
  • Offer to get to know each other better by chatting via webcam (and also ensure during this phase).
  • Knowing how to listen and adapt your approach depending on the person you are speaking with (being gallant if necessary but also knowing how to be more naughty if the circumstances lend themselves to it).
  • Don't wait too long before proposing a real date.